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02 March 2007 @ 06:59 am
How do?  
I suppose I really ought to type a little something personal from time-to-time.

Savitri by M. Parkes

I began this journal for two reasons:
1) To have a storage unit for ideas that do not fit elsewhere.
2) To develop myself online.٭

So far, I've been a little timid about expressing myself openly, even though the journal was closed. I believe this may be because I don't want to ruin a clean, new thing. Like making a bed with fresh linen, sumptuous duvey and crisp plump pillows. It looks so amazing and inviting, but you don't want to climb in lest you ruffle it. That and the prolonging of desire to enter and enjoy can make it all the more delightful.

I recently bought myself a 1935 edition, not leatherbound, hardcover copy of Ivanhoe. This is immensely enjoyable. I never rub out the pencil markings previous owners have left behind. Not even the price. $20 (USD).

I have ventured out and joined a few communities. I think I may need to join more. I brought along a good few of those from my previous journal.

This reads disjointedly. I have decided, since the start of this post and then after reading it back to myself, that I shall leave my personal life open for questions asked rather than offering random facts. So, any questions from the audience are fine.

٭~ I've noticed that most of my cohorts tend to .... exagerate or explore more fully, aspects of their natural demeanor and personality when they are displaying themselves, in whichever context, online, in ways they never would face-to-face. If this means I may become someone else, great. That opens a whole new world to me. I doubt however, that I'll manage to elaborate much on who I am, let alone bring select aspects of myself out to play. We shall see. See Emily play.
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