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The Hierophantrix

Got Entrails?

å Mitt ! Hvilke store tennene du har, Herr Ulv.

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A smattering of testimonials, like you're not already intrigued.

aschen -- I admit it. You're brilliant. When I was stressed out, you even
called my cell phone. That meant the world to me. <3

missfreyja -- This woman would give you her heart if she had to (provided she liked you enough).
She's a no nonsense, no-holds-barred, tell you how it is kinda broad. I luffs her <3

galiena_pvszr -- Miz Freja brings a touch of European elan to the North American shores.

hellbound_heart -- Miss Freja is the kind of girl who will teach you something new,
surprise you, make you laugh and still wow you with her craftiness - and that's often all in one post.
Think traditionalist hausfrau meets evil genius with a bit of endearing girl-next-door.

I can be a prolific entry maker at times. You have been warned.

alchemy, ancient wisdom, antiquated notions, arcadia, archaic organisations, archery, architecture, astronomy, baking, bloodlines, bollywood, book plates, bribed with pastry, building my own library, c of e, c.o.s., cartography, castles, cello, celtia, chamber music, changing seasons, chaps and chapesses, chivalry, circumnavigation, clipper ships, cobbled market squares, combinations, creature comforts, crossbows, cryptology, cultures, curios, d/lg, di, drawing, engineering, ernest starling, esoterica, essences, etymology, europa, fair trade, ferālis, fetish, first editions, flute, folk, forbidden knowledge, forgotten tube stations, fortean times, franz anton mesmer, free will, gallantry, garden sheds, gate-houses, geography, ghost hunting societies, glasshouses, grace, great minds, gregorian chant, harpsicord, hat pins, heritage, higher learning, history, honesty, honour, horticulture, humour, hunting, iconography, incunabula, indulgence, intp, johannes hartlieb, john dee, knitting, kults, lambretta, languages, leather-bound books, liber juratus, library globes, light-conversation with heavy-gods, liminal spaces, liturgy, lost arts, lost villages, lovecraft, magi, majesty, medieval singing, mens rea, meteorology, morriganic craft, mystery science theatre 3000, mystique, mythology, natural anomalies, nordia, norse path, northern lights, obiter dictum, origins, orrery, painting, parapsychology, parliament of rooks, pathology, persia, phonetics, piano, politics, poppy fields, postcards, privacy, reading, regency, religions, riding orion, rosemaling, seclusion, secret gardens, shiny things, stained glass windows, stately homes, steampunk, stolen kisses, the classics, the country year, time travel, tower houses, town hall tombolas, travel, tudor and elizabethan history, typing at midnight, uniforms, vespa, victoriana, village green fêtes, wandering trails, wax seals, white gloves, why-vanilla ice-cream isn't-dull, woodland walks, writing, wyrd, xj 650